I was born in 1977 in Bologna, where I live, have a family and work.

My first contact with street photography dates back to a family vacation, when I was a little girl. My grandparents gave me a camera to play with and I snapped a whole film roll of photos of strangers. Needless to say that it was the first and last time they lent me a camera.

I rediscovered photography many years later as a happy and proud parent, shooting the deeds of my kids. Then out of curiosity and compulsiveness I started studying and experimenting with it and I finally got the street bug hanging around street photographers friends. What fascinated me in street photography was its capriciousness and unpredictability, and the way it joins curiosity, spirit of observation and imagination.

To me street photography is a way to look at the ordinary and see the unusual in it. A way to look at spontaneous happenings and see special or decisive moments in them. A way to reinterpret reality and find in everyday situations icons of the human behavior and of our society.

Member of SPontanea Street Photography Collective

Member of Street Gang Photos

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