This is a joint work with my friend and fellow photographer Francesca Fascione. We’ve been working on it for one
year, it is finished (at least in the official version), so… I am happy to finally share it with you!
The project is part of a collective annual project by SPontanea collective, titled ‘The Same Place’: each photographer chose a ‘place’ as common setting for his/her photos: http://www.spontanea.org/projects/collective-projects/?lang=en

For two ‘heads in the clouds’ like us, the ‘same place’ could only be the sky. If it is true that ‘the sky is the limit’, the challenge of this project was to push street photography to the limit and beyond. The result is a ‘vertical approach’ searching for a glimmer of blue sky even where none should be (Mary Cimetta, Francesca Fascione)